Group Homepage Site Map **Please Note** WE ONLY SHIP  TO UK  ADDRESSES For overseas  orders please  contact us PATIENT PRODUCTS ADHESIVES SKIN  PREPARATION ARTIFICIAL EYE LUBRICANT Opsil artificial eye lubricant Skin Preparations REMOVERS Skin adhesives Removers Private Prosthetics Distributors Courses Patient care products max fac materials Technovent Maxillofacial Prosthetic Materials Choose from water based or solvent based depending on the strength required. Water Based Adhesives -Ideal for sensitive skin and smaller prostheses. -Easily removed with soap and water. Solvent Based Adhesives -Ideal for larger prostheses or areas that are affected by  moisture or perspiration. -Remover needed to aid removal of prosthesis. Other Adhesives -Edge Adhesive -Spray Adhesive ADHESIVES Water based adhesives Other Adhesives Solvent based adhesives